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Photo Gallery

Maurice's '71 Single Cab Maurice's '71 Single Cab As received 204608437 204608444 204608442 204608447 Front floor patch was a sign from the old company. Sweet! 204608439 204608443 Front floor out 204608448 Kustom Mountain Dew dogleg templates coming along. 204608450 Original pedal pivot re used. Blasted and welded into the new floor 204608463 New gerson floor fitted. 204608464 204608449 204608440 204608445 204608454 204608453 204608456 204608459 Bed floor peeling off 204608438 204608455 204608441 204608460 204608457 204608461 204608462 204608446 Homebrew attempts at the rear frame notch. We cleaned it up best we could, I welded what I could then capped over it with some 3/16" Plate. Not deal, but its not going to fall out now! 204608451 Rear frame gusset going in 204608436 Lousy photo... 204608452 Forward gusset installed. Shocktower trim and original notch were NOT performed by us. 204608458